Summer Break

July 12, 2017

Hello! If you’ve been following us this year, you’ve seen the 13 weddings we’ve photographed so far, along with even more engagement sessions here on the blog and on Instagram. Since March we’ve been working nonstop, and during the height of this spring/summer wedding season, we went 12 weeks with back to back weddings… sometimes […]

  So what’s the big news? We’re giving away a full day of wedding photography… again! That’s right! It’s time again for our annual wedding giveaway! Someone asked us yesterday “are you seriously still doing that?” YEP! We are! We believe in paying things forward, throwing goodness around like confetti, and spreading a little extra love whenever we can. We don’t ever […]

Winter Blogging Schedule

November 29, 2016

    We have a love/hate relationship with this blog post. It’s one we write every year, and every year after writing this post, we wait for the emails to come in asking us with a twinge of panic “how long are you going to be on vacation?!” or “are you still going to be […]