2017 Wedding Dates

October 12, 2016

    After a weekend off, the blog is kind of quiet this week which is actually a good thing! Over the last week, we’ve had an awesome time sitting down with several new couples who are planning weddings and searching for a wedding photography team. Without a ton of editing to get through, we’ve […]

Each year there is a natural flow of engagements, inquiries, bridal shows, and bookings. Every year is different, and we don’t typically open the calendar any farther than the end of the following year. However, there are many couples who are recently engaged, and starting to plan a Spring wedding! Spring of 2017 is less […]

Fall Schedule

August 23, 2016

Oh summer… sweet, sweet summer. It’s not over yet! Trust us we know that! We’re holding onto every last ounce of summer that we can, but as it does every year, school is back in session and we are switching into Fall mode. What does that mean? This year it means we’re entering our fullest […]