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August 13, 2018

Fall Office Hours and Schedule


It may be 87 degrees in DC with a summer breeze and sunny skies, but we’re starting this week off with our minds on the Fall season! As we move into this season full of weddings and engagements, we knew we would need to define our schedule and office hours to do two very important things:

1. Set clear expectations as to our office hours for current and new couples.

2. Give ourselves a little bit of time each week to recharge during this season with a lot of demands for our time. So today, we’re here to lay out our Fall office hours and schedule to keep everyone up to speed! Here we go…


We know most folks work 9 to 5 during the week, and typically have time to themselves during the weekend. That’s when a lot of wedding planning gets done and we love it! However, please be aware that on the weekends, we are working. In fact, we’re photographing weddings or engagements, with our cameras in hand, our phones tucked into our camera bags, and we’re on location. Just like on your wedding day we will be fully present with you, being attentive and doing our jobs well. So just as a friendly reminder, our weekends this Fall will be spent on location, photographing weddings and engagements and NOT in our offices. We will be mostly unavailable for phone calls or meetings. Emails sent over the weekend may sometimes be responded to because we do like to stay on top of those… however if there is a delay in our response time please remember why. The weekends are when we are away from the computers and doing the real work of wedding photography! (And yes, we have a wedding or two, every weekend now through Thanksgiving.)




This is the biggest piece of this season’s schedule, and it’s a very important one! There’s a lot going on each week, we have a very efficient workflow, and we’re GETTING STUFF DONE, but it takes up every hour of the day. So we have to give ourselves one day, just ONE DAY a week to go grocery shopping, do the laundry, sit down, not look at a computer screen, and eat dinner with our family. It’s just one day, and we’ll be taking it. Just as we mentioned above… we work on the weekends. So if we ever want a day off, it will have to be during the week. This means the office will be closed on Mondays. We will not respond to emails on Mondays. There will be no engagement sessions on Mondays. Mondays are our day off. Please note, all of our couples will have access to our phones in case of an emergency, but on a Monday we hope there are very few emergent wedding needs to be attended to. If you send an email over the weekend, it’s very likely that it will be returned on Tuesday morning.



On Tuesday mornings, we’ll arrive to our desks refreshed after a Monday off. We will have all of the weekend’s photos uploaded onto our hard drives and ready for post production. The first thing we’ll do is spend a few hours editing the photos from the weekend. Our turn around time is very quick, but we take the right amount of time necessary to perfect each and every photo we deliver. This editing time needs to be prioritized in our weekly schedule, and we’ll be doing that by carving out this Tuesday marathon editing day!







These days will be the catch all work days for us. We rested, we made a big dent in the editing due for the week, and now we can tackle the rest of our to do list. New couple meetings, emails, engagement sessions, accounting meetings, blog posts, and all of the in between work requirements will happen these days to include prepping for the next weekend of weddings!



Other things to note:

Office hours will be by appointment only! There are so many variables from week to week, even day to day, that we cannot provide a solid schedule for our office hours. So, to be sure that we are in the office, please contact us first and either schedule an appointment or confirm that we are available. Dropping by the office may not be the best idea this time of year, as very frequently we’ll be out for sessions, meetings and weddings.

Email is the best way to get in touch with us! While we can’t answer a phone call during a wedding day or engagement session… we do manage to find some “cameras down” moments throughout the weekends when we can in fact check our phones for any important messages.

And lastly…

DATES ARE FILLING FAST FOR 2019! We’ve hit the mark where more often than not, new inquiries are being told that their date is booked. We don’t love having to turn couples away, but we are incredibly grateful for being here! So please, reach out right away and secure your date with us before 2019 is closed. There are still spaces for 10 more weddings… but that’s it!

Thank you for reading! Enjoy the last weeks of summer… Fall is right around the corner!





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