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July 25, 2019

End of Summer Album Sale


Where did the summer go? Weren’t we just looking forward to warm weather and beach hair? Ok so, the summer may not be over yet, in fact it’s almost 90 degrees in DC today so yeah… summer is still in full swing. But as we head into August, we know that the season of jam packed calendars and schedules planned down to the minute are coming soon! So before we jump into the heavy Fall wedding season, we thought it would be the perfect time to have a big end of summer album sale!

With 4 weeks in August with relativley light schedules, we have the time to walk couples and families through the design process off their albums, and we want to take full advantage of that time! And because we believe that you should print the photos you want to preserve, we are helping to encourage couples to invest in heirloom albums that will stand up to all the years ahead!

Now through August 5, 2019 we’ll be offering 25% off ANY a la carte album purchase! This includes wedding, engagement, parent or portrait albums! You get to use our album order process to completely customize your perfect album. From cover fabric and color, page type and style, you get to choose every element of your album! Then, we’ll work with you to design a layout that tells the story of the photos, keeping them safe for generations to come.

To receive our album pricing and information, please send us a direct email with “ALBUM SUMMER SALE” in the subject line so we don’t miss it! Send emails to hello@birdsofafeatherphotos.com



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