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July 2, 2018

Thank You


It’s been a while since we wrote for this blog, and it’s much overdue. In an effort to modernize the blog, we’ve gone the route of eliminating too many wordy posts, and instead focused on just showcasing our photography. In fact, as we write this we’re realizing our writing muscles are in need of a good workout! These days, we keep hearing about changes that are happening in how wedding vendors should market themselves, and how quickly we have to get information to viewers. Easy access to content, without any distractions like sentences or run on thoughts. Basically… we had heard “get to the point” and “no one is reading what you write anyway, they’re just looking at the images”. So to keep up with the changing times, we’ve been adding more to our Instagram feed in the place of daily blog posts. Today however, we’re going to get wordy. Today, we’re going to write a lot of words in an effort to say thank you.




Once again we are equal parts shocked and thrilled to have our photos within the pages of Washingtonian Bride & Groom magazine!

Our photos are again featured in the Real Wedding section of the current issue of Washingtonian Bride & Groom! The couple who was featured is so dear to us, and we are so glad to see the editors focused on representing couples from all walks of life, race, religion, and sexual orientation. It’s time for wedding publications to look like real life. To be featured in this magazine again had us jumping up and down with joy.


Then, we decided to actually read this issue, and we found something that we swore was a mistake. In the Best Wedding Vendor Guide section of the magazine, we found in bold letters “Birds of a Feather Photography”. Then, next to our name was a coral colored icon, noting that we were “Editor’s Pick” for wedding photographers in Washington, DC. That’s when we cried. Lots and lots of crying. (Happy tears of course) First and foremost we want to say thank you, and share our gratitude with the people who work so hard to make Washingtonian Bride & Groom the best wedding magazine around! We’ve seen your dedication to the magazine, and it’s inspiring. Thank you for continuing to create issues that we aspire to be a part of. To the editor herself, Amy… thank you for naming us as one of your Editors Picks! We have to tell you that this level of recognition was never on our radar when we started this business. It wasn’t even on the big dreams list. This is simply amazing, and we have you to thank. So again we say thank you for seeing something in us, and making us one of your Editor’s Pick’s for 2018.


Now? Now we have to thank the most important people who contribute to the making of our career… our couples. After every wedding is complete, a final gallery of wedding images is sent to our couples. At the bottom of the email is a link to our reviews page on The Knot, and if they would like to leave us a review, they have easy access to do so. The Knot, keeps track of each vendor’s reviews, and every year they reveal a Best Of Weddings list in their printed magazine. This isn’t something you can pay to be a part of, it’s not an advertisement listing, the vendors who are on this list are those who have had the most 5 star reviews in the previous year. We have a subscription to The Knot’s DC/MD/VA magazine, and a couple weeks ago it landed on our studio doorstep…


Inside the pages we spotted a familiar photo of a wonderful couple at Union Station. It was our couple. That was our photo… and there was our name. Thanks to all of the love and support from our couples, because they took the time out of their busy lives to write us beautiful reviews, and because they are simply the best… Birds of a Feather Photography earned a place at the top of the Washington, DC wedding photographers list! There we are, right there with some of the most talented photographers in the area, and our couples put us at the top of the Best Of Weddings 2018 list.

There will never be enough words. We cannot begin to tell you all how much we love you, truly. How much we appreciate you. How much we miss you after your weddings are over! Getting to work with you is the best gift, and the continued relationships and opportunities to photograph you and your growing families is the most unexpected, wonderful bonus! Thank you for your love. Thank you for your kind words… we literally could not do any of this without you.




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