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November 29, 2016

Winter Blogging Schedule





We have a love/hate relationship with this blog post. It’s one we write every year, and every year after writing this post, we wait for the emails to come in asking us with a twinge of panic “how long are you going to be on vacation?!” or “are you still going to be answering emails while you’re on your sabbatical?!” Folks, we promise you that we are never truly on vacation. Never does a day go by that we don’t at least check the inbox. Does that mean every email we see has an immediate need to be answered? No, but we always get to them as needed, even over Thanksgiving, Christmas, or our family beach week. Fun fact: Maggie answered emails on her phone from her hospital bed in between early contractions while giving birth. True Story.

So before we get into the meat of this post, we want to assure you we are not taking a sabbatical or closing up shop for three months. We’ll still be here, answering emails, working behind the scenes on the less glamours stuff that goes into running a wedding photography business.

Instead, today’s post is to explain why our blogging schedule will slow down over the next 3 months, and what to expect. You see, we always share every engagement session and wedding we photograph. During the spring, summer and fall we have tons of photos to put on the blog. In fact, most weeks, we have at least two or more new posts full of engagement and wedding photos! It’s glorious and we love that season of the year. It energizes us and we get so excited to share each and every post!

Now that the weddings for the year are finished, and won’t pick up again until March… we have no weddings to share. Nothing to post. Aside from a small number of winter engagement sessions (which we’ll of course post here) we will have hardly any new images to share with you. So while we focus on taxes, accounting, equipment cleaning, equipment purchases, contracts, scheduling, bridal shows, emails, timelines, and more things we’re sure we’re forgetting… the blog will be more quiet than normal.

What you can expect to see here during the Winter are some of our favorite posts of the year! Our annual Best Of Weddings, Best Of Engagements, Behind the Scenes, Goal Recap, and the rest of the Look Back posts will be happening soon! Not to mention, we have been so busy with posting weddings and engagements to the blog this year, we have stockpiled a lot of Tips and Tricks posts that we can’t wait to share with you! So while we may only post to the blog once, maybe twice a week for the next few months… we will still make sure to keep the blog moving, even if it’s at a slower pace and we are absolutely still working! So if you need us, email us and we’ll be in touch right away!

Now it’s time for us to cozy up with a cup of hot chocolate, and start packaging 28 new welcome boxes for all of our 2017 couples! Hand tying the tiniest bows with the tiniest blue ribbon?? You betcha! 😉


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