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November 28, 2016

Monday Minutes :: November 28, 2017

Monday Minutes

Hi! We’re back after what was probably the best Thanksgiving break ever! The entire family was together for a nice long weekend, and life couldn’t have been any better. There were plenty of opportunities to eat too much, delicious Thanksgiving food (we’re going to need to fast for a week to recover). There were lots of games of Heads Up, resulting in lots of laughter. There were hockey games, football games and some football throwing and touchdowns of our own. We put up one of Maggie’s Christmas trees and went through about 10 pots of coffee. It was an amazing time and we are so grateful for it. We hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well!

Today’s Monday Minutes, coming off of a holiday weekend, has no weddings or engagements to share. In fact, we only managed to take this one single photo over the long weekend… and we almost forgot to take it! The sun was almost down on the last day of our vacation and we’re lucky someone mentioned it! It’s not the best, and we’re all a little tired, but it’s a wonderful memory for us to keep forever.


Now that Thanksgiving is over, and we’re heading into the Holiday Season, our work load becomes more reasonable, and we stop using the word “busy”. There are just a handful of engagement sessions scheduled to take place over the next several weeks. Weather permitting, we’ll do just two more engagement sessions before the end of the year, and with our next wedding not scheduled until March, we won’t spend nearly as much time behind the camera. Instead, we’ll be focused on the behind the scenes work that must be finished by the Spring. This means, the blog is going to slow down without much to show you in terms of photos. We do have a ton of posts we have been waiting to write and share though, so don’t think the blog will be completely silent! We’ll talk more about what to expect from the blog during the Winter months and you can check that out here tomorrow!

For now, have a great Monday!




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