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March 25, 2014

Things We Love :: B&H Photo Video

Things We Love

These “Things We Love” posts are fun! So we’re doing another one today 🙂

Customer experience has always been a large part of the foundation of our business. We work hard… really hard to make sure everyone who works with us has a better experience than they anticipated. The type of service that makes them want to talk about us, in a good way. Spoiling our couples is something we love to do because it’s fun, but we’ve realized it’s an incredible way to build a community around our business.

To run our business, we rely on several other companies and business to get us to our end goal. As owners of a small business, we work with accountants, lawyers, real estate professionals, distributors, printing labs, graphic designers, website designers, technical support, insurance agents, stationary suppliers, shipping companies, and a lot more we can’t think of in one sentence. When we find another business who treats their customers incredibly well, we stick with them, and we tell everyone about them. Kind of like the way our couples talk about us 😉


So today we’re telling you about the always incredible customer service we receive from B&H Photo and Video. This New York based camera equipment store began as a husband and wife team. They’ve grown a lot since the 70’s when they first opened, and they’ve become one of the leading camera stores because they treat their customers very well. They are the only store we’ll give our money to when it comes to equipment. For almost 5 years we’ve shopped with B&H and we have never had a negative experience. If you have a question, no matter how specific, you can pick up the phone, call their customer support line, and talk to a real person who will find you the answers. And that real person sounds happy to do it! We’ve never had to wait very long for our shipments to arrive. In fact, last week we ordered a new lens to add to our collection, and it arrived on our door step less than 24 hours after we placed the order. Amazing!

We love B&H Photo Video!


And no, they didn’t pay us to say this! We just really love them 🙂



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