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November 14, 2013

Tips and Tricks :: Bridal Beauty

Tips and Tricks

Hello there! Today we’re finishing up last weekend’s weddings, and preparing for our final wedding of the year! How time flies!


While we do that, we thought we’d share more insight from the expert on wedding day makeup in today’s Tips and Tricks post. Monique Melton of Favia’s Artistry answers more of our questions today…


BOAF – “So Monique, what are your top 5, amazing, go-to products you can’t live without?”

Monique –

“1. Primer, primer, primer! It is a must! It is a product that everyone can and should use.

2. Eye primer,which is actually called paint and very different from an all over base primer. I have to have it. I don’t do a makeover without it.

3. My universal moisturizer. It works for so many skin types and it is so gentle I can use it on my toddler.

4. MAC eye colors! These are a must, especially for wedding day makeup. They’re my absolute favorite.

5. My brushes. I would not be the artist I am today without my amazing tools. High quality brushes allow me to be creative. I have to have my brushes!”

BOAF – “Airbrush – yay or nay? Is it a good choice for everyone? Should any Bride use this method?”

Monique – “Airbrush, yes! I talked about it above and it really works for any skin type. I airbrush 99% of my clients because of the many benefits of airbrush, such as its longevity. It last until you wipe it off and it is also water resistant, which is great news for the outdoor wedding and for brides that cry. It is also very versatile, it can be applied with a brush or the air gun, it can also be very full coverage—yet not heavy and cakey and it can also be very shear. It’s simply amazing and I highly recommend it.”

BOAF – “False eyelashes – yay or nay?”

Monique – “Yes. They look amazing in photographs. I always let my brides try them on at  he trial run so they can see what they look  and feel like and they always love them. Most Brides, even those who were against false eyelashes at first, choose to wear them on their wedding day.”


Thanks again Monique for giving us your advice and insight! Come back tomorrow for Megan and Spencer’s wedding post!



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