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November 13, 2013

Megan and Troy :: Lansdowne Resort Wedding Photography


From the moment she came into the bridal suite, Megan was smiling and laughing and she never stopped. Instantly we knew this was going to be a very, very good day. And it was. The air was crisp and the sun was warm, Megan was glowing, Troy was handsome as ever, and as their loved ones watched Megan and Troy became husband and wife they too were full of smiles. But as we watched, we realized nothing between Megan and Troy really changed much. What was now concrete within the eyes of the church, and legally finalized on paper, was something Megan and Troy had known for some time… that their hearts matched up, and they were meant to be together. For Megan and Troy their wedding day just caught the rest of the world up to what they already felt. They truly are perfect for one another. Here’s how it all looked…


We had just a few moments left before the skies were dark, so we worked quickly but the results were amazing!

We found fall color!


Off they go!

They created such a gorgeous reception setting…


Megan and Troy… after getting to know you through our talks over the past year and during your engagement session, we had a feeling your big day would be something spectacular. We weren’t prepared for how wonderful it would be. It turned out to be even more joyful than we had anticipated and we thank you for that. Thank you for letting us into your lives and the lives of your families on your wedding day, and for allowing our cameras to document some of it’s most precious moments. Everyone who experienced this day along side you felt the love we saw. Congrats! All our love… M&B



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