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May 23, 2013

Recent Features


To be featured online is a huge honor, and we are still shocked anytime a blog wants to use our photos. Of course, our number one goal when photographing a wedding or engagement is to keep our couple’s best interest in mind. We’re always working for our clients, and we never shoot a wedding with the “feature in mind”. That would do a disservice to the couples we work with.¬†Our job is to document real moments and tell the story of the day… not just photograph pretty flowers, linens, or place cards. However, there are times when a particular wedding and it’s decor fit a specific wedding blog’s style, and in those cases we will submit a handful of those photos to the editor. Sometimes those photos get featured, and when that happens we get really excited!

Recently two of our couple’s engagement sessions have been featured on a couple of really awesome blogs local to the area. We are so excited and thought we’d share them with you in case you missed them.

Sara and Matt’s Old Town Alexandria engagement session was featured on United With Love last week, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.


Then we got to see Megan and Spencer’s Jefferson Patterson Park engagement featured on Charm City Wed! Such a treat!


As more and more of our work is chosen to be featured we’ll continue to share! In fact we’ve been notified this week of two more features to be published later this year. We’re never going to get used to seeing our work on big time blogs. How grateful we are to the couples who give us such beautiful moments to photograph, and the editors who are willing to use our photos.


Check back tomorrow for Kristin and Shawn’s Kansas City wedding photos!



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