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May 22, 2013

Tips and Tricks :: Corset Gowns

Tips and Tricks

They’re beautiful. They really are… and they give everyone a teeny tiny waistline. Corset back gowns are always a popular choice among Brides, and we love them too. Today we have a quick tip for those Brides who plan on wearing a lace up/corset back gown on their wedding day. Something to remember is the process involved in getting you into that dress. When you go for your final fitting at the bridal shop, you’ll usually be helped into your dress by a store associate or seamstress. They’re professionals at lacing those strings and can get you tightened up in no time. That is NOT usually the case on your wedding day. Your MOH or MOB or a team of 3 Bridesmaids will most likely need more time to get you into your dress. It takes on average, 30 minutes to get a Bride into a corset back down. Yes. 30 minutes. We are not kidding.


So our advice is to add extra time to your wedding day timeline if you are wearing a corset gown. Many times we see Brides having to rush through Bridal portraits because the 10 minutes set aside for her to get into her dress ran 20 minutes late. Zipper? 10 minutes is good! Lace up? Give yourself time! Your Bridesmaids and photographers will thank you 😉






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