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April 2, 2020

Spring Album Sale


It’s time! Our annual Spring Album Sale is happening! There’s a lot going on outside around us, and thanks to COVID19 our spring calendar is wide open. (Thankfully, all of those weddings have been successfully rescheduled within our upcoming year.) It looks like we’ll have several weeks ahead of us spent at home, and we thought now is the perfect time to design some albums!

Our last sale was 30% off but this time we’re taking it up a bit and offering 40% off all new albums instead! This is a difficult season for so many couples, families, and industry friends. We want to lower some costs for couples as they move forward with a positive outlook, planning for their dream weddings. This should help a little.

This time we’re doing something different…

Usually album sales are geared toward couples who have had their wedding. This time we’re also opening this sale up to couples who are still planning their weddings! Current contracted couples who wish to add an album, or add additional albums to their contracts can take advantage of this sale as well! Woo hoo! This is the only time this year we’ll be offering such a large discount on albums, so if you know you’ll want one, and feel like snagging this low price, feel free! We’re happy to offer this sale to everyone!

For full pricing, please contact us by email. Throw “Spring Album Sale” in the subject line and we’ll respond right away! Email us at hello@birdsofafeatherphotos.com



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