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February 13, 2018



The off season is halfway through, and yes we are enjoying ourselves! Without weddings every Saturday, we have slower paced weekends, more time with family, and a lot less editing to do during the week. Instead, we’ve kept moderately busy with bridal shows, panel discussions, lots of new couple meetings, venue tours, tax prep, equipment upkeep, designing new sample albums, printing, and working on the website (still in progress). So no, we haven’t been laying around doing lots of nothing. Our work load is just very different and a whole lot less visible this time of year. Which brings us to this blog post…

As our 2018 calendar becomes practically booked solid, and our 2019 calendar takes off, we thought it would be a good idea to mention what our current availability looks like. There are a lot of couples narrowing down their wedding plans, as well as those who are just starting to plan for their big day. Whatever point in your planning process you find yourselves, we hope if you are interested in working with us, you’ll reach out! It never hurts to confirm our availability through email! Now, let’s start with 2019:

Yesterday, we accepted four new contracts for 2019… what?! That’s nuts, but we’re so incredibly grateful and excited at what 2019 is already shaping up to be. There are still plenty of dates available in 2019, so many in fact, that it wouldn’t make sense to list them all here. If you are planning a 2019 wedding and looking for a photography team, we would absolutely love to hear from you and talk through everything you need to know. Typically, our calendar fills 12 months in advance, and right now we’re on target for that to remain true. In short, now seems to be the time of year couples are booking their wedding photographers, so if you’re still searching, get in touch while our availability is rather open.

As for 2018… we’re just about there. Over the weekend, we accepted 2 new contracts for the end of 2018 and those put us very close to our rule of 30 for the year. If you have a contract pending with us for 2018, we encourage you to move as quickly as possible, before we are forced to close the year completely. There’s always room for a little wiggling, and we’ve been known to open up 1, 2 or on rare occasions even 3 extra dates in the past. So, for any last minute planners out there, here are the last remaining 2018 available dates for weddings:


Also! If you have already secured your 2018 or 2019 wedding with us and you have still not scheduled your engagement session… it’s time! Engagement session dates are filling quickly! Remaining availability for engagement sessions falls mostly within March/April and June/July of this year. Dates will fill fast, shoot us an email right away to secure your preferred date.


As always you can reach us directly through email, which we check constantly. It’s the best way to inquire about availability!





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