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January 7, 2018

Our word for 2018


The holidays are over, the New Year’s party has come to a close, the healthy food is in the fridge and we’re excited to officially begin this new year! One of the best things we’ve learned to do with a new year, is to ease into it. Jumping into January 1, less than 24 hours after the last big, indulgent holiday of the year doesn’t work for us. We need a grace period. After Christmas, we headed down to NC to visit with the new baby and spend lots of time with family. There was Christmas dinner all over again, and of course a fun New Year’s celebration. After coming home and spending a week cleaning and organizing, we’re ready to really get started with 2018. So far we’ve managed to sign on as speakers on a panel discussion at the Washingtonian Bride & Groom’s Unveiled wedding event at the end of the month (more on that later), and yesterday we had a huge day at the studio, meeting with six new couples. Meeting with these awesome couples, hearing their proposal stories, learning about their lives, and chatting about their wedding dreams was just so fun and a great way to start off the year! In between meetings, we hunkered down and decided on our “word” for 2018, and today we’re sharing it!


What’s this “word for 2018” thing all about? Well, it’s a compromise to making silly resolutions that never stick. Instead, we choose one word to be our guide for 2018 in all that we do. A theme for the year, if you will… and we have loved this idea ever since we tried it a few years back. Our past words have been, Cultivate and Intentional. In 2016 we focused on cultivating. That year was all about learning, adding to our library of knowledge, and expanding our skill set and expertise. In short, we wanted to focus on getting better at our craft. The next year, it was about being better. Last year in 2017, our focus was to be intentional. We wanted to throw a net on all of that learning and gathering we did the year before, to slow down to really use what we’d learned, and do so with precision and thoughtfulness. We feel really good about how those words helped us focus over the past two years, and so we are excited to do it again this year! Of course the words from years past don’t simply go away. We’ll continue to cultivate and be intentional in 2018, but these things don’t have to be the primary focus. They’re kind of in our back pocket, and now we move on to something different as the theme of growth for the year. So what is it? What’s our word for 2018?

GUSTO: keen enjoyment; great enthusiasm

This year, we want to go at it with gusto! We want to use all that we’ve learned, take everything we’ve cultivated, and really enjoy 2018! To be enthusiastic and joyful. To relish in the successes, big and small. To let ourselves get really excited every time we photograph a wedding, without holding back out of fear or anxiety that we might not be good enough. Gusto to us, means boldness, bravery, eagerness, excitement, vigor, drive, and joy. So here we go! Jumping into 2018 with gusto, experiencing every day with excitement and joy, wasting no time with self doubts or anxiety.


What’s your word for 2018?




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