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July 12, 2017

Summer Break


Hello! If you’ve been following us this year, you’ve seen the 13 weddings we’ve photographed so far, along with even more engagement sessions here on the blog and on Instagram. Since March we’ve been working nonstop, and during the height of this spring/summer wedding season, we went 12 weeks with back to back weddings… sometimes double headers! It’s been the best season yet, and we have enjoyed every second of working with all of our couples, their families, and our fellow vendors. Now, we’re coming to the time of year when we take a break from weddings as the temperatures become hot. Our last wedding of this first half of the year was on July 2nd, and ever since then we’ve been keeping busy with editing and album design. Last weekend we met with 5 new couples, worked on a ton of timelines for the summer/fall season, and tied up some mid year accounting tasks. We have two days of work left, and we plan on getting every last item checked off our list because very soon we’ll go into vacation mode! Hooray!

As photographers in the wedding industry, we don’t get to go to many family functions. We work weekends. We’re gone every Saturday. People tend to not realize this fact. So soccer games, cookouts, birthday parties, family members weddings, and everything in between… we miss out on. This is why we take our vacation very seriously. This is one of two times each year we get to unplug and focus only on our family and spending time together for an entire week. So, next week we’ll be at the beach with our family and we hope to do lots of nothing. We’ll sit under umbrellas, play in the waves, eat too much Candy Kitchen, pick crabs on the deck, watch the moon rise over the ocean, and just enjoy being together. We live for this week every year!

Of course we’ll have the ability to be connected to email if anyone needs us for a wedding emergency, but if you don’t have an email response from us between July 14 and July 23… it’s because we are on vacation. All urgent matters will be responded to as quickly as possible however. And, if you want to follow along on our family trip, check Instagram stories here and there, as we might remember to take some iPhone videos and photos to share. Our Instagram feed will also go quiet while we’re on vacation, but no one wants to stare at their phones while they’re on the beach. The view is much, much prettier 😉

We’ll return to work on July 24, and the blog will be back with content soon after. We hope you all are enjoying your summer days, and we’ll be back soon! For now, we’re off to buy more sunscreen and maybe a floppy hat or two.





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