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January 10, 2017

Our 2017 welcome package




Something new we’ve added to our client experience for 2017 is an updated welcome package! This was such fun to put together following the completion of our new brand design. The black and white stripe ribbon was the first thing we knew we wanted to incorporate, and the monogram cookies were also high on our list too!

The most important reason for sending this welcome package to all of our 2017 couples is to introduce them to our wedding experience magazine. Inside they’ll find tons of resources, advice, and tips & tricks we’ve learned over the years. One of the biggest questions we get from couples is about their timeline, and how to arrange the important events of their big day. In our magazine, we have a complete guide on how to arrange your photography timeline, with examples galore! Engagement session advice, bridal detail suggestions, information about a First Look, unplugged ceremonies and sunset sessions also fill the magazine. It’s something we just love, and we’re so happy to finally have an all encompassing guide for our couples.

As a gift, we wanted to include something that the couple could use and have fun with. When we found the Our Journey Journal we fell in love!¬†Throw in a thank you note on our new stationary, a couple of cotton candy rock candies and wrap it all up with a pretty bow and gorgeous hand calligraphy from one of our amazing Brides! 28 of these puppies went out before Christmas to all of our 2017 couples, and it’s an understatement to say we’re thrilled for the year ahead!

*To any of our 2017 couples who possibly did not receive their welcome package in the mail, please contact us to let us know! We’re hoping all 28 made it without issue, but with the mail sometimes one or two can get lost or tracked incorrectly. Let us know!



Betty is the one in charge of designing, organizing, crafting, and assembling all of our client gifts. Everything from this very first welcome package to the final “thank you” gift we send at the end of our time together, Betty takes the lead. With the new brand, we’re excited to send out a new variety of gifts and notes along the way this year!¬†There are a lot of fun ways for photographers to outsource gift giving, but we love this part of our job, and writing each thank you note by hand, assembling the boxes in our studio, tying the ribbon ourselves, and mailing them out gives us a lot of joy. It’s fun!

These cookies ARE as good as they look! They’re just perfect!




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