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December 16, 2016

Behind the Scenes 2016

Behind the scenes

It’s time again for a look back at the small number of times we remembered to stop and photograph each other in action, while photographing weddings! A glimpse into the real life, behind the scenes aspect of the hustle and bustle of a wedding day is lots of fun. There’s always something going on around us, and every once in a while (not too often) we turn the cameras on one another. Here are a few times we did just that! Hope you enjoy! We’ve even added a little commentary for fun 😉








Maggie working on some bridal detail photos. She always starts with the shoes for some reason.


When we realized the bridal bouquets were without any ribbon, Betty came to the rescue! In our handy, dandy travel box we had almost 20 varieties of ribbon, and she fixed the problem! Done and done.


Bridal party portraits at Mount Vernon. This was one of the best groups all year long!


This was a windy day, and Betty was telling that cathedral length veil who was boss.


Apparently Maggie was attempting to get the entire bridal party to sing in unison… or “squish” together.


Remember that time Maggie backed into a picket fence while photographing the bridesmaids? We do!


More bouquet ribbon wrapping going on here. Lyndee found the pins!


First Looks always make us smile behind the cameras.


Church ceremonies, soft flat shoes, and a ninja quiet walk go hand in hand.

There was a forecast for lots of rain this day, but we got gorgeous light instead!


Fluffing the dress and taking very good care of it while in our hands for photos… even if we do decide to hang it from a balcony.


Working with the wind, always fun.


And when there is no real wind, Betty becomes our wind beneath the veil.


With seconds to spare, we finished the bridal party portraits as the hurricane force winds came in over the water. Closest call all year, but we did it!


Sometimes dress straps rip. Sometimes it’s the Bride’s dress. No worries, Betty sewed everything back together in a few minutes. Problem solved.


Maggie’s in there somewhere.


It may seem like Betty is the reason our couples and their bridal parties are fully dressed on wedding days. You might be right.


LOVED this portrait session on the beach. Can we go back? Please?


“Hey mom, the hook won’t stick to this obnoxious wallpaper, will you hold it up there then let go real quick? I think we can get it.” Yep. Got it.


There she is again. The professional veil floater.


Dream? Wedding day? Is this seriously our job?

It was a great year!!! Cheers to 2016!!!


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