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July 29, 2016

Vacation Recap


beach blog-3-2

As we head into the weekend, we thought we should share a few photos of our vacation and time away from work, spent with family. It was the best beach trip ever… and we mean that! The weather was perfect, everyone was there, things moved slowly and the food was great. The conversations, laughter and moments together all felt like a gift, and we couldn’t be more grateful for them all! Thank you all for letting us sneak away, and be disconnected for this time. It’s so important to us to have, and now we are fully charged and ready for what these upcoming Fall weddings have in store for us!

We didn’t take as many pictures this trip as we normally do, and we did that on purpose. We carved out time to take the photos we know we always like to take at the beach, but we didn’t bring a camera onto the beach with us most days. Instead, we had a little go pro on hand to film a few things, and take a few shots here or there. Eventually, we might even have a little family home video to share, but for now here are some favorites from our vacation…


beach blog-7

beach blog-8

beach blog-11

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beach blog-10

ocean city maryland_0048

beach blog-20

ocean city maryland_0047

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A couple of stills from the go pro…




beach blog-16

beach blog

And of course, we had to see a sunrise…

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beach blog-3-2

beach blog-4-2


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