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July 15, 2016

Vacation Time


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Every year we struggle with the decision to put 3 big X’s on our calendar in a row. Turning down weddings and saying “no” isn’t something we love to do. However, when we hit the halfway point of our season, and those vacation days are within sight, we remember why it’s a good idea to give ourselves a break. As soon as we start to feel the post wedding hangover a little too much, we know our time to recharge is coming and our sore feet will have their time to rest! Then… then we’re glad we decided to put those X’s in the calendar.

There are 16 weddings ahead of us, and for those couples we have to be at our A game. So we’ll be taking the next week completely disconnected from work, and totally connected with our families. We’ll indulge in the art of doing nothing, and sit back to just soak in all we’re grateful for. A little time by the sea is just what we need to come back fully charged and ready for the beautiful weddings ahead! While we’re away, we also fully plan on eating Candy Kitchen fudge daily, and in mass quantities 😉

The blog will be quiet for the next week or so, but we’ll be back into the full swing of things soon! There are so many wonderful weddings coming up this late summer/fall season! Of course, we’ll be checking email here and there, and responding to any urgent matters for upcoming wedding couples. Otherwise, we’ll return all emails when we are back in the office Tuesday, July 26th.

AND… when we return from vacation, we’ll have some big news coming your way! Check the blog next week for an announcement we know so many folks have loved in the past! Get ready!! We can’t wait for the fun of what’s to come! Any guesses as to what the big announcement is?!?! Hmmmm… 

Until then, take care and enjoy these summer days!




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