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March 31, 2016

Washington DC Wedding Proposal



We have a “Photography Bucket List”. It’s full of things we would love to have the opportunity to photograph, some reasonable and easy to achieve, others are big dreams that may never happen. One thing, that’s always been at the top of the list, is a real life proposal. It’s always sounded like so much fun to do… waiting in the wings, hiding for just the right moment, and then snapping away as a Bride or Groom gets down on one knee. Hiring a professional photographer for a proposal is becoming more common, but it’s still not typical and we figured the opportunity might present itself to us eventually. Well, last Friday we were put in the right place at the right time. After finishing an engagement session at Catholic University, our couple had one more photo request. They wanted to go back to the place where he proposed. Mary’s Garden on the campus grounds is a gorgeous little spot and we were happy to take these special photos for our couple. When we arrived to the garden, we noticed several guys setting up roses and framed photos around the fountain. We asked if we could sneak in for just a moment for a photo, they said it was no problem, but in 30 minutes their buddy would arrive to surprise his girlfriend with a proposal. Just in the very same spot our couple got engaged! After finishing up with our engagement session and hugging our couple goodbye, we approached those guys again. “Is there anyone here to photograph the proposal?” we asked. They said they had their cell phones and the Groom wanted them to hide behind the trees. “Do you think the couple would like to have us photograph the proposal? We’d be happy to stick around.” was our response. They were so excited and said that the Groom would be so excited! It was almost go time, so we each took our spots. Betty hid behind the statue of Mary, and Maggie ran up behind the church and some trees. As the couple made their way down the path towards the garden, Maggie swiftly ran behind them to hide in a closer set of trees once their backs were turned. It didn’t take long, and soon he was down on one knee. She of course said yes, and it was our privilege to photograph such a special moment in their lives. After hugs and tears and lots of laughter, we got one last quick photo, gave them our card, and left them to enjoy the moment. It was the best way to end our long day of shooting.

We’ve shared these photos with the couple and we wish them all the best as they celebrate their new engagement and begin planning their big day!

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