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January 8, 2016

Slowing things down


Vandiver Inn Wedding Baltimore Maryland Wedding-17

Usually, we’ve written this blog post in late November/early December when our shooting schedule slows down. Every year, we as photographers experience different seasons in our business. Spring wedding season, Summer engagement session season, Fall wedding season, and Winter business catch up season. Naturally, most weddings are happening in the warmer months of the year, leaving December through February pretty slow for weddings. For this, we are grateful. It defines a time when we can focus on the business side of things. Taxes, book keeping, restocking supplies, equipment maintenance, bridal shows, new couple consultations, submissions for publication, and so so much more. This time away from our cameras is completely necessary, and the business wouldn’t survive without a little time dedicated to actually running a business. 

This year however, we were shooting weddings and elopements just days away from Christmas. That meant, we had new photos to share with you here on the blog much later into the year than what is typical for us. Yay! And for the first time in a while, we have two January weddings! So fun! January has turned out to be a rather eventful month along side our typical “winter business tasks” and as a result we’ve kept daily blog posts going. We’ve had things to show you, because we’ve been shooting. Now though, as our time behind the cameras slows down, and our time in front of the accounting books increases, we won’t have as much interesting content to show on the blog. No one wants to see photos of us hunched over a stack of receipts or staring into our computer screen trying to finally finish designing our new client magazine. This stuff we’re up to on these cold, winter days is just not interesting enough to blog about. So! The blog is going to slow down for a little while. It’s not going away, and neither are we. We’re just choosing not to bore you with stale, half hearted blog posts just for the sake of putting something up. No one wants that.

Are we “taking time off”? Nope. Nope. That’s not what’s going on here. We’re working harder behind the scenes now more than we have all year long. This is a busy, important time in our calendar and we are still very much working through the winter months. If you need us for anything, email us we are here and ready to help! Please do not think that because we’re not blogging daily, that means we’re “taking a vacation”. Ha! Not even close.

As in years past, we’ll continue to post a couple of things to the blog each week but not daily. Expect 2 or 3 posts a week now through March. We have one more wedding to photograph and share with you between now and the end of March and that will of course appear here! We’ll be back next week for sure, so keep an eye on Instagram and Facebook for links to our most recent blog posts. Thanks guys! Now… it’s time to put together IKEA tables for this Sunday’s bridal show! 😉




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