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February 12, 2015

Things We Love :: Shoot & Share Photo Contest

Things We Love

It’s been a while since we’ve done a “Things We Love” post! But… today that changes thanks to the Shoot & Share Photo Contest! The Shoot & Share community is a group of photographers who share a common philosophy regarding delivery of photos to clients. But that’s a whole different post for a whole different day 😉 Today we’re telling you about a fun contest being organized by the Shoot & Share community. There are many different photo contests a professional or amateur photographer could enter on any given day, but this one is our favorite!


shoot and share


This contest is all about the photos, and we’re all about that! All images are displayed for judging anonymously, which means the only thing the judges have to go on is the quality of the images themselves. This makes the process of judging totally fair, and that’s awesome. The best part? YOU can be the judge! This contest is open to the public for judging, which makes it a “fan favorites” type of contest. Seeing not only what other photographers find to be the best of the best, but also what the non-photographer public views as gorgeous photography, is very interesting. It’s really neat to see which photos make it to the top ten at the end of the whole thing!

There are a ton of fun categories of photos too! There are wedding specific categories, children, lifestyle, and even phone photography! Spending just 5 minutes on the voting site will have you addicted. Voting is so fun, quick and easy! A completely random program will show you 4 photos within a category at a time. You choose your favorite out of that group, and a new random 4 photos will appear. This goes on for as long as you want to vote! You can come and go, never missing a beat. You don’t need to sign up for anything, just head on over and start voting!

So we encourage everyone to head over to the Shoot & Share photo contest website to join in on the fun! We find ourselves spending an hour at times voting, without realizing the time has passed. It’s seriously addicting! We submitted some of our own photos from the past 2014 year, mostly wedding related. But don’t worry if you never come across any images you might recognize of ours. There were 110,928 images submitted! SO MANY! In fact we’ve only run into two of our images so far (and we’ve spent a lot of time voting just in the first day). This is the first year ever that we have submitted any of our work. Honestly it’s the first year we thought our work even came close to the caliber of photography seen in this group. We have no intention of any of our photos making it very far in the contest, but it’s fun to say we are a part of it this year!

Check it out and have fun! We sure will!





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