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May 14, 2014

Tips and Tricks :: The Last Dance

Tips and Tricks

Today we’re giving a little advice to couples based on something we’ve seen time and time again. Usually, we are hired to cover the entire wedding day from start to finish. We don’t stop shooting until the last song of the evening. This last dance is typically a special song to the couple, and puts a wonderful stamp to the end of their big day. During this last song, it’s important (at least in our opinion) that the Bride and Groom dance with each other. It’s the LAST song of your wedding! Take this time to hold each other tight, close your eyes and feel it, do all you can to live in this moment together and remember the way you feel.

While we know guests don’t mean any harm, it never fails that someone will ask to cut in with the Bride during this last dance because they hadn’t gotten the chance to earlier. Guests will also start to leave before the song is over, and suddenly you have a line of people waiting to hug you and say goodbye. This song is not the time for that. So please, if someone tries to cut in or if guests pull you away from each other, politely tell them you’d love to finish your last dance together. Then when the song is over, and the crowd cheers for you… then send your guests off with hugs and kisses.

From a photographer’s perspective, this last 3 minutes of the evening is a huge opportunity for photos. This quiet moment you two share together is one we look for at every wedding, and if it gets interrupted or ruined, it breaks our hearts for you. So remember, enjoy the last dance together and let the rest of the world fade away for that last moment of your wedding day.

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