There are these little dreams we have, things we hope we get to see one day all surrounding the weddings we photograph. Little things. Not a dream venue or bucket list destination wedding, things that mean more than that. Two of those things happened right in front of us on Tricia and Robert’s wedding […]

There’s this amazing group of friends… they’re made up of college buddies with crossovers and additions of kid sisters, high school friends, roommates, and cousins. Betty’s son, and Maggie’s brother John, is a part of this group of friends. John met Ray in college and they have been great friends ever since. In fact, John […]

  Megan and Nathan have been looking forward to their wedding day for a while now. There’s something so endearing about a Groom who is equally as excited about the big day as the Bride. Nathan reminded us of Prince Charming in his pristine uniform. Their ceremony was the highlight of the day, as it […]