Charlotte and David are in one word… a fun couple. Life is just too beautiful to be anything other than happy, and that’s apparent when you’re around these two. Every little thing is a joy, and the big things bring on the happiest of tears. Calling Charlotte and David friends, is the best thing we […]

Katie and Dan are middle school sweethearts. Middle school! They are everything you hope for in a couple, and the way they love each other is joyful, comfortable, and kind. When you grow up together, it must make your relationship that much stronger, because Katie and Dan may be newlyweds… but their souls have been […]

Sometimes couple’s just want to get married. Sometimes… they don’t want a big wedding, they’d rather go to the courthouse and start their forever without having to plan a big party. And sometimes, a small wedding in the city where you fell in love, kept simple, is the best of both worlds. Lara and Seth met with […]