This morning as we check email, edit photos, update invoices, and run after the boys from Maggie’s houseā€¦ we’re in yoga pants. If we did have a uniform, it would be yoga pants and ocean city surf shop tee shirts. But when it’s time for a wedding, we dress the way we would want our […]

Very often we’re asked “how many weddings do you do a year?” and we think it’s a great question to ask! Clients want to know for a few reasons, but mostly we think hearing this number assures them that 1. we’re real photographers who do this for an actual living and 2. we are smart […]

It’s time for another installment of Ask Anything! Today we’re answering the question “Have you photographed a wedding at our venue before?” This falls into the category of “things the internet tells you to worry about when planning your wedding” and we’re here today to help explain why this can be an important discussion to […]