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November 13, 2017

Monday Minutes :: November 13, 2017

Monday Minutes

Guess what? This is the last Monday Minutes post of the year! What?! How did that happen? The Fall season blew right by us, and it feels like we just got started. However, the end of the season is here, and as we prepare to look back at the year as a whole, we can't help but be amazed at the ride it's been. This year was simply amazing! There is just one wedding left for us in 2017, but with it not happening for a few more weeks, and with the last engagement sessions of the year being complete, we can't help but feel a strange sense of calm. We're not done yet, and we won't go into true off season mode until all weddings are complete, edited and delivered... but this week will be the last busy one on the blog for a while. We'll have more info on that soon, but for now we're excited to enjoy this fun and full week on the blog with lots to share! For starters, here's some previews of what you'll see, and a rundown of our weekend: On Thursday evening we met up in Old Town for an engagement session along the cobblestone streets and historic homes. On Saturday, Elizabeth and Vittorio were married and had a gorgeous event at Congressional Country Club. Yesterday, we did an engagement sessions near the Capitol building. So much to share! Stay tuned!        


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