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July 5, 2017

Catholic University of America Wedding :: Brooke and Timmy



Brooke and Timmy are one of those couples you can’t really believe exist. They’re high school sweethearts. They share a deep faith for God that is inspiring to see. They laugh with each other, compliment one another, and always… always show love. This day was very special to us. We feel like this couple was put into our lives for a reason, and even if that reason was just to become their wedding photographers then we’re happy with that. We first met Brooke and Timmy on the evening of his proposal to his then girlfriend, on the grounds of Catholic University in DC. We had just finished a day of shooting in the city, and after wrapping up an engagement session with a different couple, we had a conversation with a group of friends. They came up to us to ask if we were finishing our session in Mary’s garden. You see, they needed to set up this spot for their buddy… he was going to propose tonight and this spot was a special one to his Bride to be. We happily left the area quickly to get out of their way, but we wondered if it would be strange to go back and offer to stick around and photograph the proposal. The group said “YES!” and so we hid in the bushes and waited for a couple we’d never seen before. After the proposal happened and she said yes, we took a quick shot of the newly engaged couple, gave them our card and told them to shoot us an email so we’ll know how to get their photos to them. Several months later, we ran a giveaway and we heard from Brooke! We were so excited it was her! After narrowing down to the finalists, with Brooke and Timmy included, we let fake take over. Brooke and Timmy and practically all of Catholic University voted over and over for this sweet couple, and they won! This wedding day felt like a dream, and we were just so lucky to be a part of it. Take a look at some of our favorites…


Brooke and Timmy… we’re so glad we ran into your proposal that spring evening. This has been an experience we will never forget, and you two will be a couple we will remember for a lifetime. Watching you live out your wedding day was so amazing to see, and we pray your lives are as joyful as they were that night Brooke said “yes”.

All our love, M&B




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