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December 13, 2016

Thank You


dc-wedding-photographer_0005 Another year, and once again we sit here behind this computer screen in disbelief. Look at these people! Look at all of this love! How did we get so lucky? Dare we say, 2016 was the best year yet! Of course, we say that every year, and for that we are eternally grateful. You 29 couples gave us the chance to make a living, doing something we love dearly. That in itself is a gift, but the greatest joy we experience is from the love, warmth, friendship and kindness you have all shown us throughout the year. Your wedding days were so important to us. We truly felt the gravity of the work you asked us to do, documenting this first page in your love story. It's our hope that we did in fact, preserve your love's legacy… at least for that day. May you all have many, many more days here on this earth together. Thank you, with more gratitude than you can imagine, for choosing us and for giving us gorgeous moments to photograph. We wish you all love, joy and lots of nuzzles this season! We love you all!    


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