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June 10, 2016

Fresh 48 :: Baby Bowie


The hours that pass between a baby’s birth and the time you leave the hospital, when you enter the real world, are some of the most precious we can imagine. Having experienced this ourselves, we know what it feels like to stare at your new baby trying to figure out where they came from. These hours are fleeting, they are sleepy and painful and trying but they are none we ever want to forget. As our couples grow into families, we’re always so pleased to photograph their maternity sessions for them. We truly love reconnecting with our couples for such a joyful event in their lives! Recently, a couple we hold near and dear to us asked if we would step outside what we typically photograph, and join them the morning after their baby was to be born. When these two were getting married, Maggie was in her 3rd trimester and couldn’t travel, which meant we didn’t have the chance to work with them for their wedding photography, so we were thrilled to photograph this time in their lives! They wanted to document the first moments with their sweet baby boy, and didn’t want to wait until they were home from the hospital. The newness of an infant vanishes so quickly, and they wanted to capture as much of it as they could. Naturally we were honored, and we agreed.

Many photographers call this type of photography a “Fresh 48” session. Within the 48 hours after a baby is born, a photographer comes to the hospital room to photograph and document the little moments of this life changing event. We have fallen in love with this type of photography, and though our schedules only allow us to do a small handful of these Fresh 48 sessions in a given year, we would do them far more often if we could! There’s nothing more precious!

Here are just a few of Baby Bowie’s first 24 hours in this world…

fresh 48 washington dc

website gallery pairings_0041

fresh 48 washington dc-2


fresh 48 washington dc-10

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fresh 48 washington dc-3



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