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June 9, 2016

Our 100th wedding



100th wedding

When we had first started out, and we were all set up at our very first bridal show, a couple approached our booth and flipped through our sample albums. We were excited. Politely, but in a very matter of fact tone, the Bride to be asked us “How many weddings have you done?” Our answer? It was something we suddenly felt embarrassed to reveal. “We’ve just finished our 10th wedding last weekend, and we look forward photographing to 10 more in the coming year!” was the best we could offer this Bride who was looking for photographers with a lot of experience. It was the truth, we had photographed 10 weddings in our career, and had 10 weddings booked ahead of us. “Thank you” was all she replied as she shut the album she was holding before turning and walking away. It didn’t matter what our photography looked like or how talented we may have been, this Bride valued experience above all else. And rightfully so! Of course she wanted photographers with a lot of experience! This is a big day, and the photos are essential to preserving a couple’s legacy of love. We couldn’t blame her, she was right, we were not so experienced. So we had to let that one go and move on, but if we’re being honest it felt like we would never get anywhere. We wondered if we’d always have these 10 weddings under our belt, but nothing more. No more opportunities to learn and grow and evolve as wedding photographers. Only 10, that’s all we had to go on… 100 seemed impossible.

Time went on, and more and more couples did want to work with us. They loved our photography, enjoyed our approach to documenting a wedding day, and the trusted us. Thanks to those couples, the ones who became our couples, the ones who saw something in us, we had the opportunity to evolve as artists. Without you and your trust, we wouldn’t be where we are now. (Oh, how you all changed our lives. You’ll never know what you’ve done for us.)

Last weekend, we photographed our 100th wedding. In reality this number may be slightly off. Our 100th wedding may have happened sometime last month, but we haven’t decided if we are “counting” elopements or the weddings we photographed prior to starting the Birds of a Feather Photography, LLC. Doesn’t matter. Right now in our career, if a potential couple asks us “how many weddings have you done?” we can be a little less nervous to answer.

To celebrate and say thank you, we’d like to do a giveaway! Who doesn’t love a giveaway?! To all of our former, married couples, we want to extend this giveaway just to you. After all, you’re the ones who got us to this place in our career. We’re going to give away 5 Anniversary Sessions, one for each year we’ve been in business! If you are one of our former couples (meaning you’re one of our first 100 couples) please let us know if you’d like to enter the giveaway! We won’t assume everyone would be interested in an anniversary session, so if you are please enter by doing the following:


How to enter the Anniversary Session Giveaway

Send email to hello@birdsofafeatherphotos.com

Subject Line: “Anniversary Giveaway”

Provide us with your names, and wedding date!

*We’ll provide you with more information on the sessions themselves!

Deadline to enter is June 17th

We’ll draw names out of a hat (we’ll try to make this happen live!) on Monday June 20th, 2016.

Thank you!


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