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April 28, 2016

Tips and Tricks :: The Window Effect

Tips and Tricks

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What’s the ONE thing we look for when we arrive to the getting ready room at the start of a wedding day? What’s basically the make or break element to a bridal suite? A window! The soft and gorgeous light that comes through even just a single window gives the room what it needs. A wall full of windows in a high rise hotel room? Believe us when we say we’ve literally hugged a Bride for choosing the room with the most light. Don’t get us wrong. We don’t need a window, we can and have made any situation work. We bring the light with us for times like this, when a Bride gets ready in a windowless, dungeon of a room. We’re not afraid of using artificial light, and we can use it well… but it’s just not preferred. Lights and flashes going off cause distraction in such a small space. We like to remain as unseen and unobtrusive as possible, especially in the busy bridal suite. The window effect gives us the opportunity to use the available, natural light streaming through the windows without having to turn to our flash. Brides, you will especially enjoy getting ready in a space that includes lots of windows, so if you can choose your getting ready room, try to find one with windows… or at least one window!

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