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April 26, 2016

Ask Anything :: Engagement Sessions only

Ask Anything

  southern maryland engagement photography-31 Good morning! Today we're answering a question we hear often at bridal shows. "Do you offer engagement sessions a la carte?" In other words, can we photograph just an engagement session, no wedding day coverage included? Our answer is always the same "Yes we can, but… not very often." We photograph, on average, 30 couples each year. All of our collections include an engagement session, which means all of our wedding couples also have an engagement session with us. We don't do anything halfway, so these engagement sessions are very important to our process and to the experience we're providing to our couples. Trying to fit more than 30 engagement sessions into our calendar can be difficult, and we have to give priority in scheduling to our wedding couples. So yes, we can and we will shoot a handful of individual engagement sessions this year, but we don't often have time for more than just 3 or 4. Additionally, we want couples to understand why it's so important to do their engagement session with the same photographer/photographers who will be photographing their wedding day. The engagement sessions is meant for more than just pretty photos. The true value in the time spent working together, before the wedding day, is in the level of comfort that develops. Photographers and couples need to have a lot of trust in one another on a wedding day. There is a lot going on, and having someone follow you around all day with a camera, who you don't really click with, isn't fun at all. Without a great relationship, photos suffer, the couple suffers and the memories of your wedding day aren't as amazing as they could be. So we very often turn couples away, sending them back to their wedding photographer hoping they'll shoot their engagement session with them! It's just what works best! header


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