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March 30, 2016

Megan and Jimmy :: Maryland waterfront wedding photography


maryland bayside wedding-40   Megan and Jimmy were married on a sunny spring afternoon along the Chesapeake Bay. Surrounded by family and friends, this sweet couple made official what they knew to be true a long time ago. This is forever. They are forever, and life will only get sweeter from here on out. We spent the afternoon with this couple on their wedding day, and we were honored to be a part of it. There's something simple and perfect about a daytime wedding, and we especially loved our time with the couple when we headed off for their portraits. Here's just a small sampling of our favorites from the day...   maryland waterfront wedding_0026 maryland bayside wedding-48 maryland waterfront wedding_0027 maryland waterfront wedding_0029 maryland waterfront wedding_0028 maryland bayside wedding-12 maryland waterfront wedding_0031 maryland bayside wedding-10 maryland waterfront wedding_0033 maryland bayside wedding-27 maryland waterfront wedding_0034 maryland bayside wedding-54 maryland bayside wedding-57 maryland waterfront wedding_0039 maryland waterfront wedding_0040 maryland bayside wedding-35 maryland waterfront wedding_0043 maryland bayside wedding-36 maryland waterfront wedding_0041 maryland bayside wedding-67 maryland waterfront wedding_0044 maryland bayside wedding-44 maryland bayside wedding-40   Megan and Jimmy, we've said this before but we'll say it again… you two are some of the kindest, sweetest people we know. You are perfect together. Absolutely perfect. Congrats on your marriage, and as your life as husband and wife moves forward, we hope these photos will continue to bring you back to that sunny afternoon on the water. xoxo - M&B      


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